Vibration Meter, Analyzer and Data Collector in One

Vibrio M

vibrio m
Free trending and data analysis software

Vibrio M + Free DDS Software

vibrio m dss software
Universal & Tough | Ready for industry

Collect & Import

Collect and import Vibrio M along with free DDS software is the easiest start of your predictive maintenance program based on machinery condition. Collect the data with Vibrio M regularly and import them into DDS software. Follow vibration trends and observe the actual condition of your machines. 

  • Heavy-duty casing
  • LED flashlight
  • Direct measurement from proximity probes (optional)
  • Unbreakable connector
  • Micro USB data transfer
  • 3.5 Jack3 buttons operation
vibrio m heavy duty casing
Vibration Meter, Analyzer and Data Collector in Intrinsically Safe Version

A4900 Vibrio M Ex

The A4900 Vibrio M is available in an Ex version. All basic vibrio-diagnostics measurements are available: Overall Values, FFT Spectrum, Time signal, Frequency bands, Route measurement and Expert system for automatic fault source detection. You can listen to the signal with the headphones supplied with every unit.

The A4900 - Vibrio M Ex is equipped with 4 MB of memory for data storage. Data memory allows you to store off-route and route measurements.

Key Features
Adash A4900 vibrio m ex
Adash a4900 vibrio m ex chart
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