A4404 – SAB

A signal analyser box.
4-Channel Pocket Size Vibration Analyzer

  • Vibration analyser for less. Connect it with your laptop and be amazed by measurement possibilities.
  • Virtual unit. Free software for setting up your measurements
  • 4AC + 4DC + Tacho -all 8 channels plus speed are measured simultaneously

Ideal for teaching purposes. SAB along with laptop or PC is a great solution for teaching purposes. Technical Professors around the world appreciates the possibility to show real-time vibration measurements on a projection screen.

Service contractors need. Very portable. Fully equipped 4 channel vibration analyzer fits into your pocket. If you travel a lot and you don’t want to carry heavy tools with you, then the SAB is the right choice for you. Just connect the SAB to your laptop and make professional vibration analysis on-site.

Laboratory purposes. Laboratory measurements are a piece of cake for SAB. Whenever you need to measure any AC or DC signal, just grab a small SAB in your lab.


A4404 – SAB
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