tata steel

Alastair Meyers

TATA Steel


“A.M.T.’s strategic understanding of professional maintenance positioned them perfectly to assist in the process of evolving the site maintenance strategy. With minimal investment from a Tata Steel perspective we have established a predictive maintenance platform across most areas of site and proven the benefits through identifying potential failures using advanced maintenance techniques. A.M.T. are actively participating in the synthesis of a new maintenance strategy through a detailed F.M.E.C.A process. They are now executing the majority of the site condition monitoring program.”



lakeland dairies

Seamus McGovern

Lakeland Dairies


“The simplicity of the Vibrio M and the intuitive DDS2014 software from Adash enables A.M.T. to train personnel (with no previous experience in the field of vibration analysis) effectively and efficiently. Rapid development of the vibration database is made possible using the predefined templates for measurement points and cut/paste functionality for identical types of equipment and machinery. This removes the need for tricky data collection specification settings and repetitive data input to create equipment hierarchy. Relevant data collection routes are created within minutes when the hierarchy is complete. This cumulates in a fully functional vibration monitoring programme within two site training days” “When you consider the low cost base for the unit and the free software, clearly this puts vibration monitoring within reach of industry sectors that were previously restricted by capital procurement constraints”


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