VA3 PRO (A4300)

3-Channel Vibration Analyzer, Data Collector and Many More

  • A true vibration analyzer - real-time FFTs, time waveforms etc.
  • Modularly based - buy only the modes you need
  • User-friendly interface - graphical balancing mode
Customize your VA3 Pro kit
  • Select a single axis acceleration sensor or triaxial sensor for your day to day data collection.
  • A speed probe would be needed for balancing job and an ultrasound probe for leak detection.
  • No problem measuring Orbits, Centerline using Proximity probes.
Versatility & Connectivity
  • 3x AC input – vibrations
  • 3x DC input – process values
  • 1x Trigger input (speed probe)
  • Triaxial sensor ready
  • IR temperature sensor
  • LED stroboscope / flashlight
  • Fast USB 2.0 communication
  • Robust Push-Pull connectors
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